Chairs and Programs

Aktion Administrator – rita ann Schwarting
Alignment – Melanie Bozak
Builders Administrator – Lonnie Johnson
Builders Magazine – Melanie Bozak
Building – John Flaherty
Canadian Foundation – Ann Penner
Canadian President – Gregory Holland
CKI Administrator – Ann Penner
CKI Assistant Administrator – Lisa McCoy
Club Excellence and Coaching – Jackie Sue McFarlin
Communications – Rebecca Olness
Conventions and Conferences – Cindy Crowther
Conventions and Conferences – David Crozier
Conventions and Conferences – Mary Crozier
Education and Training – Vicki Frucci
Finance – Greg Holland
Fund Raising – Cindy Crowther
Human and Spiritual Values – Rick Cook
International Convention – David Crozier
K-Kids Administrator – Debbie Johnson
KCCP – Carol Mahoney
Key Club Administrator – Brian Egger
Key Club Assistant Administrator – Criena Sekhon
Key Club Finance – Mike Wallis
Kiwanis Children Fund – Mike Frucci
Kiwanis Sign Co-Chair – Ralph Curran
Kiwanis Sign Co-Chair – Ann Penner
Law Enforcement Camp – Dawn Pannell
Laws and Regulations – Roger Bell
Liaison British Columbia – Patrick Ewing
Logistics – Bob Munger
Lt. Governor Class President – Don Gibbard
Marketing and PR – Gail Spurrell
Membership Co-Chair – Melanie Bozak
Membership Co-Chair – Lonnie Johnson
Outreach Program – Darlene Smith
Parliamentarian – Richard Hawkins
Past Governor Association – Lonnie Johnson
Past Lt. Governor Association – Ken Brutzman
Past Lt. Governor Association – Bill Glenn
PNW District Pac/Historian – Patrick Ewing
PNW Kiwanis Foundation – Mary Crozier
Risk Management – Bill Glenn
Signature Project – Betty Crawford
SOS – John Flaherty
Strategic Planning – David Crozier
Tech Advocate – Tami English
Youth Protection – Bill Glenn

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