Quarterly Expense Report

Please file this report on a quarterly basis.

  • October-December = 1st Quarter
  • January-March = 2nd Quarter
  • April-June = 3rd Quarter
  • July-September = 4th Quarter

Total District Lt. Governor reimbursement is limited to the amount budgeted for the fiscal year. Please limit reimbursement requests to one in-person club visit per year.

Keep all available receipts with your copy for tax purposes.
Digital copies may be uploaded with your online submission.

LTG Quarterly Expense

Lt. Governor Information


Travel To/From Clubs & District Meetings

Entries (Round trip, other than home club)(Required)
Club/ District Meeting
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This estimate is based on a rate of $0.315 per mile.

Supporting Documents

Complete documentation is needed for reimbursement. If you have problems with trying to upload files then email them to directly to [email protected]
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Max. file size: 32 MB, Max. files: 20.