Signature Projects

Signature projects provide valuable and needed service to a community. They elevate awareness of Kiwanis, engage current members, and remind them why they joined Kiwanis. Additionally, signature projects can increase membership. Don’t forget to invite and involve potential new members in your club’s next signature project.

A signature project is one that includes all of the following criteria:

  • Recurring: At a minimum, the project should take place annually.
  • Brand enhancing: The project should be designed to elevate the Kiwanis brand in the local community with opportunities for public relations activities, such as using the Kiwanis name on the project, media mentions, etc. 
  • High impact: The project should have a demonstrable positive impact on the community; this impact should be measurable in monies raised or children served.
  • Membership-focused: The project should support opportunities to strengthen membership and develop new partnerships.

TIP: A good question to ask when identifying a signature project: “What community activity or event is my club known for?”

You can find more information about the Signature Project Contest as well as an entry form on Kiwanis International’s website by clicking here.