S.O.S – Save Old Spectacles

In 2022-2023 our PNW District Save Old Spectacles Program was very successful in “Giving the Gift of Sight” to people around the world. Our cumulative total collected to date is over 585,000 pairs of pre-owned eyeglasses. Yes, in just the past 30 years PNW Kiwanis clubs have collected and processed thousands of eyeglasses in suitable condition for professional placement to men, women, and children of great need in third-world countries. Our goal of collecting 10,000 this next year is well within our reach.

If your club has played a role in our current program, we salute you for a job well done. If your club would like to get involved with the Save Old Spectacles community service program, we encourage you to download an S.O.S. packet. It comes complete with Printed Ad Copy, Art Work (for creating collection cartons), Shipping Labels, and a Reporting Form for your club to receive recognition for participation in the greatest S.O.S. program in all of Kiwanis International.

We have made some program changes in the past year. The following are current parts of the S.O.S. Project:

  • Please don’t send in any “hard cases”.
  • We have added “hearing aids” to the program.
  • We are currently donating all items received to the Oregon Lions Hearing & Sight Foundation.
  • If you would like to establish a relationship with the local Lions organization in your area and donate your items directly to them – please do! You will still need to report the number of glasses you donate to the district so your club can receive credit for participating in the S.O.S. program.

For more information please contact your S.O.S. Program Director John Flaherty with the form at the bottom of the Chairs page by clicking here.


S.O.S. Package